Breakfast Cones Start your day right with a breakfast cone. From $9.90 Browse Menu Lunch Cones A variety of flavours to get you through a busy work day. From $9.90 Browse Menu Dessert Cones Sweet treats with fresh ingredients and great flavours From $9.90 Browse Menu

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From corporate events to backyard parties.

Comfort in a Cone

A mobile coffee & food business offering a range of delicious food cones that are completely edible. From breakfast cones to evening delights we can curb your hunger.

Breakfast Cone

Medium Cone $9.90
Large Cone $11.90

A mouth watering way to start the day with this yummy food cone. Filled with fresh scrambled eggs and bacon chips, mixed with toasted croutons and topped with a slither of crispy bacon cooked in maple syrup.

Fruity Breakfast Cone

Medium Cone $9.90
Large Cone $11.90

For a healthier brekky try our fruity breakfast cone. Filled with an assortment of mouth watering fruity berries that are mixed in a natural yogurt and sprinkled with granola this tasty cone will really kick start your day.

Healthy Choice Lunch Cone

Medium Cone $9.90
Large Cone $11.90

A healthy choice cone filled with vanilla yogurt & granola mix topped with coconut shavings

Coco Pops Cone

Medium Cone $9.90
Large Cone $11.90

An old breakfast delight revamped. A cone filled with coco pops mixed with vanilla yogurt

About Us

The creation of Cone Appetit began in 2014 when after visiting Melbourne on numerous occasions and eating at various food vans we started to develop a passion for this type of business.

Over the next 5 years, we began constructing what we believe is a unique mobile food business that also offers our customers great coffee along with a new way of enjoying food.

Our aim was to design a range of foods that could be eaten in its entirety limiting the amount of waste such as plastic containers or wrapping. This is where Cone Apettit became a reality.

With a range of edible food cones filled with delicious treats we now offer food van connoisseurs a new experience in street food.